T4C Character Calculator Version 4.0 Available

The windows download is a zip file the files need to be extracted before they can be used.

The first window displayed you can choose your server, name your character and set your stats. Once calculated a slider window on the bottom of the screen can be clicked to check your expected health and mana, you an also access the seraph points window and save your character.

This window is used to set your seraph points, Including powers, resistances and extra stat points, Levels will be recalculated once points are assigned.

This window is a complete database of your Spells, skills and equipment that your character can equip. All items can be edited and using the search bar at the top you can refine any search for quick references.

This window allows you to fully customize your character and set spells, skills and equipment.

For help in building your character and using this program a help window has been added, this window can be accessed anywhere by pressing the gear button in the top right of any window.